Temper Technical Marketing, INC

Pacific Northwest


William P. Schaer, President
Email: wschaer@temper.com
Doris S. Schaer, Treasurer
Email:  dschaer@temper.com
William P. Schaer II, Executive VP
Email:  bschaer@temper.com

Outside Staff:

William P. Schaer - Washington, Northern Idaho, and British Columbia
William P. Schaer II - Southern Washington, Oregon and Southern Idaho

Inside Corporate Staff:

Doris S. Schaer

Our Line Sheet Currently Offers the Following:

Standard Film Capacitors
Custom Film Capacitors
Metallized Film Capacitors
Film/Foil Capacitors
High Current Capacitors
High Voltage Capacitors
DC Link Capacitors
EMI Suppresion
RC Neytworks
ISO 9001:2015

Wire Protection Grommet Edging and Trim
Spring-Fast Grommet Edging
Spring-Fast Mil Spec Coposite
Spring-Fast SL Aero Series
Spring-Fast BAP aero Series
Hig Performance Enclosure and Door Seals
Seal-Fast Edge Seals
Seal-Fast Plate Seals
Cable Management
Fast-Drop fiber Bend Radius
DTI-Ti's Cable Tie System
Protect-Fast Braided Sleeving
Protect-Fast Fiberglass Sleeving
EMI/RFI Sheilding and Thermal Management

Fibox, Inc
Sizes 2.0 x 2.0 x 1.6 to 31.5 x 23.6 x 11.8
Polycarbonate-Non Meltallic
NEMA4X, 6P, 12, & 13, IP66/67 & IK09/10
Molded Contiuous Hinge
Preformed Knock Outs
Wall Fastening Lugs
Opaque or Transparent Lids, Doors, Covers
Cardmaster Boxes
Cable Management
Door Opens to 120 Degrees

Aluminum Heavy Duty Racks
Buss Bars
Commercial Shielded Racks
Custom Framing Systems
Data Server Racks
Desk Top Racks
FX Series Cabinets
Military Shielded Racks
Seismic Zone 4 Racks
Server Racks
Specialty Racks
Titan DT
Titan EP
Wall Mount Racks

Barrier Terminal Blocks
Deadfront Heavy Duty Blocks
DIN Rails
Feed Thru Studs
Fuse AC Holders

SKS Die Casting & Machining
Die Casting--aluminum
Die Casting--zinc
Aluminum: 380.0, 360, 390, & 713
Zinc: Zamak #2, #3, #5, #7, ZA8, & ZA27
Machined Dim to 0.0002

Talema Group
Isolation Transformers
Current Sense Inductors
Current Transformers
Toroidal and Non-Toroidal Transformers
Magnetics For Noise Suppression (EMI/RFI)
High Frequency Transformers
Custom Parts