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Amco Enclosures, - IMS Engineering Product Brand:

Amco Engineering is a world-class enclosure manufacture that specializes in modified and custom design requirements. Available in an extensive variety of sizes, styles, colors and accessories-it provides cutting edge electronic packaging systems to both the Military and Commercial sectors single bay enclosures or room encompassing consoles have the flexibility to modified vertically or horizontally to change with your systems requirements. Amco produces the following products: Specialty Racks, Military Shielded Racks, Commercial Shielded and Unshielded Racks, Seismic Zone 4 Racks, Desk Top Racks, Wall Mount Racks, and Aluminum Heavy Duty Racks. These come in various models of FX, Titian EP, Titan DT and 3G Data Racks. Please visit AMCO Engineering's website.

DTI (Device Technologies):

Celebrating 40 years of active OEM support for protecting critical equipment, Device Technologies unique and versatile Spring-Fast Grommet edging continues to offer 49% lower installed costs and increased productivity (9.5x) compared to adhesive bonded grommet edging per MS21266 and BACG20Z. Relational protection materials include enclosure edge trims and sealing gaskets, fiber management and cable sleeving solutions. DTI manufacturing disciplines include thermoplastic and silicone rubber molding and extrusion, linear polymer coating, reel-to-reel processing and an assortment of secondary manufacturing processes. Please visit DTI’s web site: (

Durakool/AEC Sensor:

Durakool is a globally renowned manufacturer of technology supporting switching and sensing solutions. Durakool was started in 1935 to manufacture switching devices for power generation in industrial and power automation systems. Durakool evolved to provide solutions for power electronics, industrial electronics, automation and telecommunications applications. The reliability and quality of Durakool products remain the core of everything they do. Please visit Durakool website. (

Fibox Inc.

Fibox was started in 1966 in Finland. Polycarbonate Enclosures are offered in over 1000 Non-metallic designs. These designs can protect your product in harsh and hostile locations. Fibox is a ISO-9001 organization and meets NEMA 4X, 6P, 12 & 13, UL, cUL listed, and meets UV- UL746c and UL508 Please visit Fibox Enclosures website

Marathon Special Products:

Marathon SP has been manufacturing quality fuse holders for over 30 years. The key word is quality. It is incorporated into every Marathon fuse holder, right along with design. Fuse Holders accommodate the following fuses: Class H,K,R,T,J,CC,G,CD and M. Range from 250 and 600 volts at current ratings from 30 through 600 amperes. A full line of Power Distribution Blocks, Splicers, Stud Blocks and Lugs are available. Heavy Duty Terminal Blocks with Dead Front completes the high power grouping. Kulka series single and double row Terminal Blocks are available in Class A, B & C. Both Sectional and DIN Rail mount Terminal Blocks and Fuse Holders are on line. Also our Military Terminal Blocks are meeting A-A-59125/MILT-55164. Please visit Marathon SP's website.See the Distributor section of this website for local sources.

SKS Die Casting & Machining:

Precision-Machining, low cost die casting. CAD design, machining tolerance to 0.0002”, die casting Aluminum alloys, Zinc alloys to Zamak standards. Please visit the SKS web site.